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Eric T Jackson

  • Born in Brooklyn, New York- October 1966.

  • In 1971 moved to Suffolk County, Long Island.

  • For the past nine years studied Female Ejaculation tallying thousands of hours, reading and examining everything in print, video and on the Net, both real and fake.  

  • Jackson is in the process of writing a manuscript, conveying the reason for his web site and production of the DVD.  What lead up to it, and how it all became reality.(Completed and Published Aug 2012 Titled: Orgasmic Expulsion)

  • Continues to publish articles on the subject of Female Ejaculation and Sexual Freedom for Women in the Bedroom. Most recently The Ejaculation Emancipation.  

  • Adult sex seminar instructor. 

  • Eric has consulted with MD, DO, Uroligists and OB/GYN and other Sex Educators on the subject of female ejaculation, ejaculatory discharge.  

  • Over the past year has redirected himself into this project completely. He has developed a truly great instructional DVD.  

  • Now using the updated 2.0 verstion DVD and his seminars to effectively communicate on this topic with literally thousands of men and women in household "Tupperware type" parties, and conferences across the country. 

  • Eric's seminars start at $25 per person. Contact  us at  for appointments or bookings for the Southern New Jersey or Philadelphia areas. Parties for more than 5 people the fees for the organizer is waved.  The Big Soak 2.0 DVD is included for everyone in their Fees.

Eric Believes:

  • There is considerable information on the subject of Female Ejaculation with much greater accuracy over the past five years (2008-13).  

  • Yet there is still considerable misinformation as well, and PC stigma.

  • His GOAL is to communicate the truths about female ejaculation to the misguided world in a clear and simple manner, a way everyone can understand.  The Big Soaktm, does exactly that!

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